British Airways may face class action law suit over air freight price fixing

British Airways, Lufthansa and El Al  – face a class-action suit in Israeli courts for allegedly colluding on ticket prices, Haaretz reports:

“The Lod Central District Court last Monday threw out a motion to dismiss the class-action motion against the three carriers and ordered them to pay costs.

The court, headed by Judge Ofer Grosskopf, has not yet discussed whether the class action could proceed, though. The motion is being brought by Hatzlaha, the Consumers’ Movement for the Promotion of a Fair Society and Economy, which accuses the three of acting as a cartel in allegations dating back to a global anti-trust investigation in 2006. The target of the class motion is air freight prices, which was the subject of a global anti-trust investigation revealed in February 2006.

Based on those findings, Hatzlaha claims the three airlines coordinated surcharges to the cost of air freight, such as extra charges for fuel and security adedd on top of the basic air cargo fee.”

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