Airport Live – New BBC series to feature Heathrow

British Airways home base to feature in live, one-off series

A new one-off show from BBC 2, Airport Live will broadcast live from Heathrow for 4 consecutive nights and will concentrate on aircraft movements, from the moment they enter the airport’s airspace to the moment they leave again.

British Airways HeathrowHeathrow is the 3rd busiest airport in the world in terms of passengers numbers, and the busiest in terms of international passengers, with some 200,000 passengers travelling through its 4 terminals every single day. Slightly less than half of all those passengers will be flying with British Airways.

Heathrow Terminal 5 view of runwayThe show will be presented by Dan Snow, Anita Rani & Dallas Campbell. Rani & Campbell will mainly focus on the logistics, science and engineering involved while Snow will be based in the air traffic control tower, one of the world’s tallest. Speaking about the new show, Snow had this to say: ‘Air travel has become an everyday luxury that we take for granted, but behind the scenes it’s a fascinating web of processes all precisely managed to maintain equilibrium. Over four nights we’ll get the chance to see how it all works. We’ll take a look at the complex choreography of air traffic control, learn to fly the world’s largest passenger jet, the A380, and discover how weather plays a crucial role in keeping the whole operation running smoothly. Airport Live will be a thrilling journey through the skies and a definitive account of modern air travel.”

No dates have yet been announced for the series although we hope that they hold off until the arrival of British Airways first A380 in July.

British Airways A380


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