American Airlines increasing flights to Heathrow

Further co-operation with British Airways

Reports in the media suggest that American Airlines is planning an increase in flights between Heathrow and both Miami & Dallas.

Dallas flights are set to increase from 14 to 17 per week while Miami flights are set to increase from 10 to 14 per week; both increases are set to come into effect at the start of the winter season in early November.

american2Like British Airways, American Airlines was a founding member of the oneworld airline alliance and both airlines have a joint-business agreement (together with Iberia) on flights across the Atlantic. This agreement allows the airlines to co-ordinate schedules, fares and frequent flyer benefits and, in so doing, makes their combined offering much more attractive to the all-important business traveller. British Airways already flies between Heathrow and both Miami & Dallas so, between them, the two airlines are by some way the dominant players on these routes.

Later this year, it is expected that American Airlines will also merge with rival carrier US Airways. Assuming the merger goes ahead, it is almost certain that the new airline will retain, and indeed grow, its links with British Airways. US Airways has hubs at Phoenix & Philadelphia, both of which British Airways already flies to, as well as Charlotte which British Airways withdrew from some years ago. It would be no surprise if British Airways was to re-launch flights to the North Carolina city and further strengthen its own position in the US market.

The new A380 British Airways World Traveller Plus cabin



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