British Airways 787 Dreamliner update

Trial flights to Stockholm and First class on future deliveries

According to reports in Australian Business Traveller, British Airways will be operating trial flights of the 787 to Stockholm and will be featuring First class in the new 10 series.

British Airways have a total of 42 787s on order, split between 8 787-8 series, 16 787-9 series, 12 787-10 series and 6 which are, as yet, unspecified. Thus far only the 787-8 series is in operation around the world, with British Airways taking delivery of 4 this year followed by another 4 next year. The first 2 aircraft have already been delivered to the airline and are set to first commence operations to Toronto in September, followed by Newark in October.

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Before entering service on either route, the aircraft will first undergo further tests and trials at both Heathrow & Manston airports. They will then be used on short haul flights in order to facilitate crew familiarisation and, if the reports are true, these flights will be to Stockholm in Sweden. To begin with at least, it seems unlikely that the airline will publicise just which flights to Stockholm will be operated by the 787 so getting to fly one will be a matter of luck.

The second, unrelated story that ABT reports on, citing the airline’s head of Brands & Customer Service, Frank van der Post, is that British Airways will definitely be featuring First class on the 787-10 series, the largest of the 3 versions, and ‘probably’ on the 787-9 series, the middle sized version. Of course, with so many of the 9 series on order the airline could split the fleet between 3 & 4 cabin configurations in the same way that it already does with the 777-200.

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