British Airways 787 special offer fares

Prices start from £444 to Newark

To celebrate the arrival of their first 787 Dreamliner, British Airways have launched introductory fares to both Toronto & Newark.

british airways 787Flights to Toronto commence on 1st September with lead-in fares starting at £619 in World Traveller, £1028 in World Traveller Plus and £2857 in Club World. Flights to Newark follow, commencing on 1st October, with lead-in fares starting at £444 in World Traveller, £787 in World Traveller Plus and £2505 in Club World.

Travel dates for these spaecial offer fares are from 21st October to 13th December and 25th December to 27th March. Fares are subject to availability and must be booked by midnight on 16th July.

Launching these new special offer fares for British Airways was Kim Cattrall, star of ‘Sex & The City’, who was born in the UK, grew up in Canada and lives in the US (although currently appearing on stage in London). “I fly regularly between London, Canada and the USA with British Airways and I love their service” commented the actress. “I need to be ready to work when I land, so to know that I can fly on their 787s and arrive feeling really rested and refreshed is a definite bonus for me.”

Cabin noise on the 787 is much less than on older aircraft types. Different pressurisation means the internal cabin altitude is the equivalent of 6,000ft, which is 2,000ft lower than on other aircraft. This leads to greater humidity, reducing the drying effect of the cabin air, so customers arrive feeling more refreshed. The aircraft’s smooth ride technology also provides extra comfort during any turbulence.

The bespoke lighting in every cabin can be set to reflect the time of day, helping to lull travellers to sleep at night and to wake them in the morning. Customers can also enjoy much larger windows, offering views of the horizon from every seat.

Mitch Preston is British Airways’ first 787 pilot to fly the aircraft from Boeing’s Seattle home to London. Preston said: “It was a real pleasure to fly the 787 home to Heathrow today – it’s a joy to operate, and a really smooth ride. It’s exceptionally quiet and the cabin environment, combined with the service customers would expect from British Airways, will make for a great experience. I for one can’t wait to welcome our customers on board.”

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  1. Bob says:

    Given their commitment to height cuisine I wonder whether they will serve different food on 787 flights? As it is pressurized to a lower altitude more food will taste normal won’t it?

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