British Airways news roundup-192

British Airways in agreement with Tenerife Tourist Board

A lovely BA plane in flight

British Airways has signed an agreement with the Tenerife Tourist Board to promote the airline’s new route between the island and London Gatwick. The first flight commences 29th March and will operate 5 days a week. Sales are reported to be strong so far while British Airways will be the only carrier from the UK to offer a business class product for the 4hr flight. Britain is currently the single biggest market for visitors to Tenerife.

British Airways launches UnGrounded campaign


British Airways has recently announced that it is launching ‘UnGrounded’, a global innovation program with some novel features. Starting on 12th June, the airline will be inviting 100 innovators, entrepreneurs, academics and assorted techies from the US to participate in the first ever ‘innovation lab in the sky’.  The invited guests will take to the air in California (we assume San Francisco) and, en-route to the UK, the UnGrounded guests will have to work together to resolve a specific problem that the United Nations is trying to resolve, in the first instance the “misalignment between where science and technology talent is emerging and where opportunities exist in order for them to realize their potential.” No details have been provided as to whether they will all fly in the same cabin, nor what happens when they finally arrive in the UK. And will Sheldon Cooper be invited?

British Airways survey trumpets online check-in as favourite innovation

British Airways Check-In Kiosk

A recent survey of 2,000 travellers by British Airways has revealed that online check-in is the most popular travel innovation. The top five technological innovations are online check-in, e-tickets, online seat selection, mobile boarding passes and self service check-in kiosks.  In the same survey, some 18% of respondents also said that in the future they would like to fly in an aircraft with a panoramic roof (really, in an electrical storm?) and 10% would like a special area for children (no, not in the hold).


British Airways to sell off Donington Hall

Following its takeover of bmi last year, British Airways has announced that it is selling off its one time rival’s headquarters to iconic motorcycle manufacturer, Norton. The grade II listed building which dates back to 1790 is close to Donington Park racing circuit where Norton is already based. Neither party has said how much the deal is worth.


Scottish traveller lambasts British Airways for rejecting Scottish currency

Jim Dunbar, from Fife, was returning to London from Gibraltar with British Airways when the airline told him that we would need to pay £40 for excess luggage. Handing over a £20 Bank of England note followed by a £20 Bank of Scotland note, the airline refused to take the latter. Despite his protestations the airline refused to back down and, with the threat of being refused boarding, Jim had no choice but to pay with Bank of England notes.

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