British Airways trials new baggage tags – the way forward?

Does this grab you? British Airways is to trial a brand new, electronic baggage tag which, it is hoped, could soon replace the need for paper tags.

The new luggage tags have been designed by Designworks and simply require that the passenger scan the new baggage tag with their smartphone after checking-in; this then updates the baggage tag with the relevant flight details and an easy-to-read description.

Lewis Freeman, Designworks lead designer for the project, said: “This step into digital tagging of luggage is a huge leap forward enabling your luggage to become a connected object, providing a seamless experience for frequent travellers with British Airways.”

Thousands of bags are lost or delayed every year, often because existing paper baggage tags can become smudged or ripped, making the bar codes impossible to read.


lost luggage mountain

Lost luggage anyone?
Image courtesy of the BBC

As one of the biggest problems that airlines face, anything that can resolve, or least reduce, this problem will be eagerly anticipated.

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