Willie Walsh has been vocal on this issue and it seems as though his voice has been heard, as UK passengers on some long-haul flights will pay less tax following a revamp of Air Passenger Duty (APD).

APD naoooooo!!!

APD makes passengers quite cross..

The changes will see the two highest of the four APD tax bands are to be scrapped, the chancellor announced in yesterday’s budget.

At the moment more tax is charged on some flights, despite often similar distances, a situation George Osborne called crazy and unjust.

For example, APD was criticised for being based on the distance from London to a country’s capital city. So, the tax on a 4,400-mile flight to Trinidad is taxed at as much as £332, while a trip to Hawaii, 7,000 miles away, attracts a £268 tax because the US capital is closer to London.

“From next year, all long-haul flights will carry the same, lower, band B tax rate that you now pay to fly to the United States,” said Mr Osborne.

The Board of Airline Representatives in the UK said the move was “a step in the right direction”.

British Airways said the government should go further and abolish APD completely.

The design of 787 Dreamliner manufactureed by Boeing was reviewed by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and found to be safe.

A review of the plane was ordered after battery problems grounded the entire fleet last year.

But while the design was found to be safe, the FAA reported that some of Boeing’s suppliers did not follow industry standards for inspection that include training and testing requirement for inspectors. However, it said “effective processes” had been implemented to correct issues that arose during and after certification.

BA 787 in flight

787 in flight

The report, issued jointly by the FAA and the Boeing critical systems review team, stated, “For manufacturing, early issues with suppliers implementing the new business processes are being addressed, and improvements are in progress throughout the supply chain,” The report also added with words to the effect that a certain number of issues can be expected when implementing the development of a large airplane due to limitations in current design, manufacturing and certication processes.

As is common knowledge the 787 Dreamliner has been hit with a series of issues and was grounded last year due to safety concerns.

Airlines and celebrities go hand in hand these days it seems, and the leveraging the celebrity brand is an important part of any airline which aspires to be a premium brand. In the first of a series of articles on the topic of airlines and celebrities, we are looking at celebrity chefs who are linked to the airlines.

Keith Floyd - legend

Keith – the one and only

It is fair to say that airline food does not enjoy a brilliant reputation, but some airlines are striving for better, particularly in their premium cabins and they have bought in some big hitters to help with the menus, with the likes of Richard Sandoval, Marcus Samuelsson, Nobu and others. BA has also explored the concept of height cuisine – food tailored for being consumed in a high altitude environment.

There is actually nothing new about airlines working with superstar chefs but more recently the idea has gained momentum. Singapore Airlines tapped Gordon Ramsay for their International Culinary Panel back in 2006, and Air France began working with Joel Robuchon in 2010.

Here are 10 airlines with celebrity chef offerings.

British Airways
Innovative chef Heston Blumenthal partnered with BA on a series of Olympics-inspired menus. Items like mackerel rillettes with sourdough croutes, and were served on all flights in all cabins.

For over 15 years Neil Perry has overseen onboard dining for the Qantas fleet while running six successful restaurants in his native Sydney. Perry’s inflight menus are served in all Qantas cabins.

American Airlines
Richard Sandoval and Marcus Samuelsson are serving up unstoppable action on AA. Premium class offerings on international routes include halibut with sweet potato puree and corn salsa. On domestic routes Samuelsson’s New American Table program has tasty classics like fresh turkey sandwiches and a killer breakfast biscuit.

Air France
Alain Ducasse, Joel Robuchon and Guy Martin are among the stars who have created inflight menus for Air France. In February 2013, they unveiled a menu by Bocuse d’Or winner and two-Michelin star chef Michel Roth. Dishes like grilled pollack with Menton lemon confit, and pan-fried scallops in a white truffle-rich tartuffon sauce – yum!.

Qatar Airways
Doha-based Qatar Airways launched the Culinary World Menu, a global program featuring a rotating cast of menu items by bold-faced names like Nobu Matsuhisa, Tom Aikens, India’s two-Michelin-starred Vineet Bhatia and Lebanese chef and tv personality Ramzi Choueiri.

Delta Airlines
MIA’s own Iron Chef and James Beard Award–winner Michelle Bernstein creates menus for long-haul international travelers in Delta’s BusinessElit. Her five course tasting menus include items like pomegranate-glazed lamb and grilled beef tenderloin with chimichurri.

Hector Vergara handpicks the continent’s best bottles for the in-flight wine list on board LAN, the national carrier of Chile. Vergara stocks LAN flights with New World wines like Chilean Carménère and Argentinean Malbec, as well as lesser-known bottles like a 2008 Syrah from Chile’s coastal Valle de Casablanca region.

Japan Airlines
In Tokyo, Chef Seiji Yamamoto’s blend of molecular gastronomy and traditional kaiseke has earned him three Michelin stars along with fans like Ferran Adria and Wylie Dufresne. First-class passengers on Japan Airlines’ international flights can sample Chef Yamamoto’s menu, which may be Wagyu beef or a snow crab tart topped with delicate roe.

South African Airways
South African chef Reuben Riffel reportedly did not eat in a restaurant until he was 15. Now he also creates meals for South African Airways, which are served alongside over 70 stellar South African wines in Premium Business Class.

United Airlines
In 2007 United asked Charlie Trotter to design inflight menus for transcontinental flights out of its North America and he created first and business class meals such as mustard-braised pork medallions, and crispy short rib wontons with Thai chili sauce.

A BA Airbus 319 aircraft was forced to turn back to Heathrow airport after an engine caught fire as it was taking off.

The flight had been bound for Lyon, France and had what is known as an engine surge landed safely back at the London Heathrow airport following the event at about 9pm last night, BA said.

BA 319

A BA 319 in flight

An eyewitness reported to the BBC he had seen flames “spitting out” of the engine and that the plane had been making spluttering noises as it was taking off. Tom Puttick said: “I was in the petrol station opposite the airport which is when I heard the bang, so I turned around and the airplane had flames spitting out of the engine with a spluttering noise as it was taking off.

“I then watched it continuer to climb and the engine was still emitting flames intermittently. Lots of blue lights then emerged on the airport while the plane, I guess, turned around to make an emergency landing.”

A BA spokeswoman said: “Our crew cared for our customers on-board and kept them informed. We train our pilots to the very highest standards including how to respond to these type of events, and the engine was immediately shut down.”

“Of course, we gave our customers who were on the flight hotel accommodation last night and they have been rebooked to fly today.

“We have also scheduled a larger aircraft to operate to Lyon to ensure we can get all our customers there as soon as possible. We can understand how frustrating the delay to their plans must be.

“The aircraft is being thoroughly checked over by engineers. The safety of our customers, crew and aircraft is of the utmost importance to British Airways.”

This is another event involving a BA Airbus A319 as last year a flight destined for Oslo was involved in a dramatic return to Heathrow after an engine fire, due to the coverings of the two engines being left unlatched and then falling off as the aircraft took off puncturing a fuel pipe on the right engine.

Footage of that incident can be found here.

The long awaited inaugural direct flight from London to Austin of the new 787 dreamliner landed on in Austin on Monday evening to much excitement in the “live music capital of the world”. For Austin was is a really big deal. Jim Halbrook, spokesperson for the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, said “For the city of Austin, this is a really big deal,” “This is a historic milestone for transportation in Austin. It’s the first regular non-stop trans-Atlantic service that we’ve ever had.”

The flights will make Austin one of the smallest U.S. cities having a trans-Atlantic airline service.

We think it is a big deal too, as it is vindication of Boeing and its 787 Dreamliner strategy.

Since the launch of the 787 program in 2004, Boeing argued that the lightweight Dreamliner’s modest size and fuel efficiency would open up potentially hundreds of new long-haul international routes that would otherwise not have been profitable.

BA 787 in flight

787 in flight

Boeing estimated there were about 450 new non-stop routes, many to or from smaller airports and cities that wouldn’t previously have been expected to cater for long haul flights, that could become profitable to run with an airplane with the Dreamliner’s economics.

So the landscape of longhaul aviation is changing and this will have far reaching effects, not only in the world of aviation, but for the cities and countries which are the beneficiaries of this changing landscape.

Other new routes opened by the 787 Dreamliner include: United Airlines flying to Tokyo from Denver in April 2012; All Nippon Tokyo to San Jose, Calif.; Norwegian Air Shuttle – Oslo to Oakland; and Orlando Sanford International Airport to London Gatwick operated by Thomson Airways.

The idea of being able to travel, longhaul directly to many more smaller quirkier destinations will hopefully catch on and open many new markets and travel possibilities.

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Scottish independence could be a “positive development” for British Airways, according to Willie Walsh, who on the BBC Breakfast show said the Scottish government recognised the “huge impact” air passenger duty had on the economy.

Mr. Walsh was asked whether the airline was making contingency plans for independence, and he said “No, because we’ll continue to fly to Scotland.

Willie Walsh pokes fun at Ryanair

Willie Walsh

“If anything, it might be marginally positive because I suspect the Scottish government will abolish air passenger duty, because they recognise the huge impact that that tax has on their economy. So no, it’s probably going to be a positive development, if it does happen, for British Airways.”

The Scottish government has pledged to reduce, then possibly abolish, the duty after a “Yes” vote in the referendum.

BA employs about 1,300 staff in Scotland, including aircraft engineers and cabin crew.

Willie Walsh has been critical of the UK government, saying that its policies have discouraged tourism and foreign investment, and there was a rather embarrassing attempt by the Patrick McLoughlinto muscle in on the A380 launch to Hong Kong which was soundly slapped down in October last year.

The beautiful lights of the Aurora Borealis lit up the sky and a special flight organised by Aerobility and provided by BA gave people with disability the chance to witness the phenomenon. So while the rest of us were stuck under a layer of cloud, the flight left from Gatwick to fly off the coast of the Shetland Isles.

Northern lights from BA flight

Northern lights

The red, yellow and green lights were clearly visible, shining and dazzling above and beyond the clouds.

The flight had 74 passengers on board including BBC’s The Sky At Night presenters Pete Lawrence, Jon Culshaw and Dr Paul Abel, who were on hand to give expert commentary.The aircraft returned to Gatwick at around midnight.

The Northern Lights are usually visible in only the more northern parts of the UK, but a solar storm led to them appearing much further south than usual.

IAG, the owner of British Airways, on Friday posted a pre-tax profit from continuing operations, after exceptional items, of £186m, a significant turnaround from making a big loss last year. Total revenue grew 3.1%, despite a near 12% decline in cargo revenue. Passenger revenue grew almost 6%.

IAG Logo

One of the reasons for the return to profitability has been the reduced losses at its Spanish airline, Iberia, and the acquisition of the budget carrier, Vueling.

Iberia A330

Iberia – profitable soon?

Willie Walsh, IAG’s chief executive, said Britsh Airways has also benefited from cost improvements and the additional Heathrow take-off and landing slots it acquired through its 2012 takeover of the loss-making UK carrier, BMI.

British Airways made a large operating profit for the 12 months to December 31, and Iberia, while remaining in the red, reduced its losses. Vueling has made an operating profit since April.


Mr Walsh said: “In 2013, we strengthened the group by acquiring Vueling, embarking on Iberia’s transformation and enhancing British Airways’ revenue performance. This has led to a strong financial recovery and return to profitability.”

The company expects to make “steady progress” this year towards its target of generating a group operating profit of approximately £1.5bn by the end of 2015.

Mr. Willie Walsh

Willie Walsh

Willie also said “I think the report is excellent, the commission has done some really good work. The problem is political, the failure to embrace the findings of the report. I don’t see any sign that politicians have changed their view,” “I think the politicians will try to avoid this issue and they’ll be sitting here in several years debating this issue and we’ll be losing ground. The economy will suffer as a result of lack of runway capacity in general,”.

Amazingly, the last full-length runway in the South East of England was opened in 1946.

A survey of 3000 consumers carried out by the Centre for Brand Analysis ranks British Airways as the top brand, beating Rolex and Coca-Cola into second and third respectively.

The Consumer Superbrands ranking has been running since 1995, and the list this year is interesting

Apple took a spanking this year, plummeting from 2nd to 14th, with Microsoft ranking a surprising 6th. Marks & Spencer are still hanging in there at 18th.

So the top Consumer Superbrands for 2014, apparently, are:

1. British Airways

2. Rolex

3. Coca-Cola

4. BBC

5. Heinz

6. Microsoft

7. Google

8. Gillette

9. Kellogg’s

10. BMW

11. Cadbury

12. Andrex


14. Apple

15. Boots

16. Nike

17. Sony

18. Marks & Spencer

19. Shell

20. Mercedes-Benz

India has always been an important destination for British Airways, now more than ever.

Today we have a look at some current marketing initiatives..

India is one of the most important markets for British Airways. It is the airline’s second largest market globally with connections from five key cities in India 48 times a week to over 500 destinations around the world.  British Airways has been flying to India for around 85 years.

photo of BOAC poster India

How a campaign used to look

The “Go Further to Get Closer” campaign, was launched on Valentine’s Day and narrated the story of how British Airways helped Sumeet Gupta surprise his wife and made it possible for them to get closer.

The premise of the  story is that surprise and love go hand in hand and of how British Airways helped him surprise his wife Chetna by giving them an opportunity to escape from daily distractions and get closer to each other.

“Go Further to Get Closer”, produced by Ogilvy India, is an emotional campaign and shows how British Airways’ marketing strategy for India focuses on introducing India centric naratives to create an emotional and meaningful connection with the younger audience.  The campaign is based on the view that affluent young couples today have fallen into the trap of making work their top priority in life, and that this focus is takes a toll on their personal relationships as they are unable to spend enough quality time with their partners. But a solution for this is to travel internationally to see their family and friends.

In December 2013 in what was another inovative move, BA brought Silent Picturehouse in Mumbai- A three day film extravaganza to commemorate 100 years of Indian cinema. Launched in London in 2010, British Airways’ Silent Picturehouse created a unique cinematic experience, screening three films on three screens, combining the in-flight entertainment experience with the traditional cinema environment.

Viewers were able to tune in to their movie of choice from the available options using wireless headphones thus immersing themselves completely in the world of film. This was the first time that ‘Silent Picturehouse’ was launched in an international market outside the UK.

As part of the marketing campaign to promote the UK globally, the GREAT Big British Invite, British Airways and VisitBritain in February 2013 hosted a four-day grand event at the Phoenix Mall in Mumbai showcasing British fashion, music, heritage among others in the form of pop-up stores in true British style. The activity reportedly generated great amount of interest among the people of Mumbai.


Barbados will look forward to welcoming additional holiday-makers looking for some winter warmth and sunshine, as BA has announced an increase from 10 to 12 flights per week. Barbados remains a favourite destination for British holidaymakers.

The two extra flights will run from 30 November, 2014 to 29 February, 2015, and may bring nearly 600 extra passengers to the island per week.

British Airways Winter Schedule photo of a beach

This will look very inviting come December

Petra Roach, Vice President Sales & Marketing at the Barbados Tourism Authority, said: ‘We are really pleased with the news that British Airways will be offering extra services over the next winter season and we will be working assiduously with our travel partners to ensure that we maximise on this additional capacity – 2014 promises to be a positive year and we appreciate the confidence that BA has instilled in one of their top long haul destinations.’

For the past 60 years, Barbados has had a strong relationship with BA. The increase in services to Barbados marks BAs’ continuing commitment to the island and will serve as a welcome addition to increase inbound travel from the UK market.



British Airways is bringing a celebration of film to customers at 35,000ft, to coincide with the EE British Academy Film Awards, taking place on Sunday 16 February.

To ensure the tens of thousands of customers in February don’t miss out, the airline is showing a selection of nominated films on board and those returning from abroad will be able to enjoy an exclusive 25 minutes highlight show on board selected flights the next day.

In honour of the upcoming Awards, the forthcoming nominated films will be showing on board: Behind the Candelabra, Blue Jasmine, Despicable Me 2, Gravity, Pacific Rim, Rush, Star Trek (Into Darkness) and The Butler.


Seatback tv in British Airways World Traveller cabin

In flight entertainment

From March, customers will also be able to enjoy a number of additional films, including Philomena – some scenes from the movie were filmed on board British Airways flights. It is nominated for several Awards including ‘Best Film’, ‘Leading Actress’ (Judi Dench) and ‘Adapted Screenplay’. It follows the story of a journalist who reads about a woman’s search for her son, taken away from her decades ago whiles she was forced to live in a convent.

Richard D’Cruz, British Airways’ in-flight entertainment and technology manager, said: “We offer customers hundreds of hours of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, classic and world film. We have also extended our in-flight entertainment programme, so customers can watch TV and movies from the moment they board, to the minute they land, on long haul flights.


“As the Official Airline partner to BAFTA, we fly stars to the Awards and work together to select the best films for our customers to enjoy. This month we are showing eight nominated films, as well as previous BAFTA-winning films including ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.”


British Airways customers can plan their entertainment before they fly, by visiting The site allows customers to plan their films and download a schedule planner, as well as share content with friends on social media.


British Airways has teamed up with high end retailer Harrods to host a series of mid flight fashion shows, the first of which took place on its route to Cape Town on February 6.

So, ahead of London Fashion Week, which runs from 14 to 18 February, 200 guests onboard an A380 aircraft enjoyed a runway-style show along the aisles of the plane. Models wore outfits from iconic British designers including Stella McCartney, Temperley London, Jenny Packham and Victoria Beckham.

The the footwear on show was by Jimmy Choo. Harrods managing director Michael Ward is quoted as stating: “Harrods is delighted to have partnered with British Airways, bringing together two iconic British brands, to create a spectacular event.” “Celebrating the exceptional design of the A380, we were able to present the talent and creativity of our most respected British fashion designers, in a unique experience at 30,000ft.”

Guests onboard the flight were served a Champagne high tea prepared by Harrods’ in-house restaurant The Saxon and South African chef David Higgs.

Sir Mick Jagger’s selection kicks off a pack of celebrity musicians to create their favourite world music playlists for British Airways’ in-flight entertainment. From March 1, Songlines regular My World playlists and Top of the World compilations will be available on select BA flights.

Fliers will be treated to Jagger’s selection, including Salif Keita and Fela Kuti in March.

Then Rufus Wainwright¹s top tunes will feature in April, as well as tracks from new albums by Angélique Kidjo, The Gloaming and Mostar Sevdah Reunion.

The airline has struck up a partnership with Songlines magazine via its in-flight entertainment provider, Spafax, to supply the world music playlists based on its celebrity interviews and Top of the World selection of new album releases.

first class at sunset

Hmmm… I fancy a bit of music now where are my headphones..

Richard D’Cruze, British Airways’ in-flight entertainment manager, said: “Who better to introduce our travellers to the current best and up-and-coming artists on the music scene than legends like Sir Mick Jagger?

“We believe these play-lists will prove really popular as we know our customers love to be brought new entertainment when they fly with us.

For many of us, flying offers some rare down-time and the perfect opportunity to listen to different music.

Many customers tell us they note down the music on-board and then go on to explore and enjoy more of that artist’s work.

The partnership with Songlines enables us to tap into their vast expertise to deliver a great experience for our customers.”

British Airways gained momentum last year last year and expects to build on that this year.

That is the report from the Gulf Daily News, that last year BA operated 52 weekly flights during the winter, its highest ever from the region.

Mr. De Renzis, a BA executive also said that he expects strong forward bookings in the region.

“We just closed a very successful year in the Middle East and we are very optimistic about the current year,” he said.

gulf Daily News reports that over the last five years, the airline has increased regional capacity by 40 per cent with the expansion focusing on the larger markets of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait either by adding flights and flying larger planes and would continue to do so if the market demand was there, he said.

British Airways A380 Flying Above Clouds

Middle East bound

So what is driving this expansion? Greater profit per passenger, as according to industry experts, the Middle East leads the globe in growth of business and first-class traffic. The airline executive said British Airways was earning about 50 per cent of passenger revenue in the region from the high-margin premium segment, and experts say yields per premium passenger are typically around four to five times higher than those for economy class.

But competition is likely to increase as the Middle East airlines are increasing capacity.

Emirates a380

50 more of these please

Last years Dubai Airshow saw a spending spree, reported here, with orders for A380 and 777x aircraft being placed by Emirates.

BA will launch its Flying with Confidence course in Dubai next month

.. apparently in response to the results of a recent YouGov survey, Gulf marketing website Kippreport reports.

Pteromerhanophobia or fear of flying, is quite a common and debilitating problem. Famous sufferers include, Isaac Asimov (which is ironic), Doris Day, Dennis Bergkamp and Agnetha Faltskog.

So it comes as little surprise that the survey, commissioned by BA and made up of 1,000 respondents, indicated that more than one in four UAE residents have a fear of flying and that 42 per cent of nervous flyers feel that the fear diminishes their quality of life. So decided to launch its ‘Flying with Confidence’ course on February 17, to help address this.

fear of flying course

There is no way you are getting me up in one of those things…

The one day course is also currently offered in the UK and the US, and according to BA has helped more than 45,000 people over the past 25 years. The course includes a session from a BA captain who will explain the technical side of flying (including presumably how it stays up), how an aircraft operates and other issues, such as turbulence, and a specialised counsellor will provide advice on relaxation techniques, and how best to deal with anxiety and feelings of panic.

BA says the course has a 98 per cent success rate, and “the course is tailored to fit participants regardless of whether they have a mild anxiety about flying, are unable to board an aircraft or develop a sudden debilitating phobia.”

Virgin also has a course to combat the fear of flying called flying without fear held here in the UK.

Atlas Air Worldwide-”British Airways to Pursue New Opportunities”

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, a provider of outsourced aircraft and aviation operating solutions, today announced that, following notice  from British Airways of BA’s “strategic decision to exit dedicated cargo-freighter service” and to return the three Boeing 747-8 freighters to GSS (Atlas Air’s owner) in April 2014, it will be seeking opportunties to re-deploy the aircraft it currently operates for BA, together with the maintenance and other capacities.

747-8 freighter operated by Atlas Air in BA livery

A 747-8 freighter

In a gracious statement Atlas Air said, “We deeply appreciate our long relationship with British Airways and its cargo affiliate, IAG Cargo. We are very proud to have served them over the past 18 years, including the last 12 years through GSS. We are also focused on the continued development of our business. We are an innovative provider of outsourced aircraft and aviation operating solutions to the global aviation industry. And we will deploy these freighters in profitable revenue operations once redelivered to us, taking advantage of their superior fuel efficiency, range, capacity and loading capabilities. We believe these qualities create a compelling value proposition for our customers.”

Through GSS, the company also will receive contractual early termination fees from British Airways.

British Airways is has launched its Man vs Plane challenge No.II, which offers five people the chance to prove they have what it takes to beat its new A380 superjumbo in a race on the runway.

The Man vs Plane challenge is to celebrate the launch of BA’s direct flights to Johannesburg and the winners will be flown to South Africa in February to try to beat the A380 in a 200 metre sprint. Now I recall from athletics at school that 200 metres is a pretty long sprint. The A380 lost round one in 2013 to South African rugby player Bryan Habana.

To enter the competition, entrants must explain to British Airways in 50 words or less why they should be picked. The runner with the quickest time on the day will receive two return tickets on one of British Airways’ direct A380 flights to London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Johannesburg while revelling in their sprinting success. Mr. Habana explains…

Habana said in the promotional video “In 2013, I raced British Airways’ new A380 aircraft and won. Now, it’s your turn to accept the challenge and prove you have the strength, stamina and speed to race the plane.” The closing date for entries is 20 January and the winners will be flown to Johannesburg on 4 February.

To enter go to If anyone knows how long it takes an A380 to cover the first 200 metres let us know!

In a recent survey conducted by travel website 101 Holidays, British Airways was voted as the favourite airline in a survey of 112 top travel writers and editors, which included TV presenter Ben Fogle and The Independent’s Simon Calder.

BA favourite airine

BA a favourite airline

The travel writers had spent an average of 16 years working in travel and a total of 1769 years combined experience. — said that if they were given a free plane ticket their top choice would be a trip to Australia, whereas if they were paying their number one destination was the USA.

The vote was a close run thing between British Airways and Virgin Atlantic which together accounted for 42% of all the votes. Suprisingly, Ryanair squeezed in at no. 10.

The top 10 were:

1. British Airways
2. Virgin Atlantic
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Emirates
5. Swiss
6. Qatar Airways
7. Easyjet
8. Cathay Pacific
9. Etihad Airways
10. Ryanair

BA will be a regular visitor to Humberside International Airport this summer, after reached a deal with British Airways to operate the flights to Alicante and Majorca. launched last year, using airline Volotea, will switch to BA.

This deal will now see a British Airways Embraer jet operating the weekly flights from Kirmington on JetXtra’s behalf, and will be the first time British Airways has operated regular flights to and from the airport.

The service will commence on 24th May.