December 1 2013

The story of the billboards which interact with British Airways flights passing overhead has a new twist, with the West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society (WCGS) objecting to the adverts on planning grounds.

Oi Walsh -Naoooo!

Quite cross..

WCGS say that the ‘Magic of Flying’ may become ‘tragic roundabout’and is in breach of planning conditions according to the local residents’ group which point to the following stipulation in the document approving the signs:

“The displays on all panels shall be identical at all times and shall be static and two dimensional only with no moving or apparently moving images, devices, words or emblems and shall not depict any images that resemble road signs or traffic signals.”

Marie Rabouhans, Chairman of the WCGS is quoted as saying ‘I did not see the ads and I am not a planning professional but I imagine that encouraging drivers to read the “small print” and/or look up to the sky as they drive over the Chiswick Flyover or negotiate the Chiswick roundabout might raise public safety issues with respect to such ads. The “magic of flying” might turn into the “Tragic Roundabout” in more ways than one. ‘

This story has history as WCGS opposed the building of the advertising towers when originally proposed.