December 3 2013

With the catchy hashtag #couldhavestayedathomeandconferencecalledinstead powwownow internet communications provider has cheekily parodied British Airways #lookup interactive adverts.

powwownow advert

Wittier than Dominos

The idea is to push the benefits of staying home rather than getting on a flight to Barcelona. So stay at home and perhaps order a pizza.

How many more parodies will we see in the coming weeks? We can hardly wait…

From routesonline:

British Airways in Summer 2014 will add a 6th weekly service from London Heathrow to Mexico City from 30March 2014. A Boeing 747-400 operates this route.

Some technical stuff: -

BA243 LHR1405 – 1920MEX 744 x4
BA242 MEX2145 – 1400+1LHR 744 x4

This from Routesonline:-

British Airways from 30 March 2014 is re-introducing Boeing 747-400 service on London Heathrow – Nairobi route, after a 6 years hiatus. The OneWorld member plans to operate a 747 instead of 777-200ER on this route in Northern Summer 2014 season.

Below is some information for you planespotters.

BA065 LHR1045 – 2120NBO 744 D
BA064 NBO2315 – 0555+1LHR 744 x256
BA064 NBO2340 – 0620+1LHR 744 256

Dominos, sensing perhaps, an opportunity to catch some reflected publicity have produced their own spoof of the British Airways interactive billboards which have been the subject of much publicity and almost 1 million Youtube views, and many stories, two of which from us, here and here.

The advert features a boy who points down to a Dominos pizza delivery guy on a bike with the tag #lookdown as opposed to BA’s #lookup.

Here is the ad.

We do hope that these adverts are not in Chiswick or the residents will be very cross.