March 2014

11 seat rows in economy…deep joy

We knew it…, all the hype about the A380 being spacious, luxurious, a new standard of travel etc, gives way to reality, with a new configuration that squeezes even more people into economy.

Just when you thought economy couldn’t get any more cramped Airbus has come up with a development, by jamming an 11th seat into economy-class rows of the A380, the world’s largest passenger jet, giving a 3-5-3 seat configuration. Bags not me in the middle of that 5 seat row!

Flightglobal an aviation website, and reported elsewhere, a mock-up of this new 11-abreast seat configuration will be shown at an aircraft interiors trade show in April. The website reports that an aircraft leasing company is eager to get it into the hands of airlines worldwide.

But the configuration will not be popular with long-haul economy travellers, who will remember that the A380 was touted by Airbus with descriptions like “though actual configurations vary – was expected to usher in a new era of airborne luxury, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the mid-twentieth century’s so-called “golden age” of air travel.” I wonder how long it is until we see the first totally economy A380 with around 800 passengers?

It was always going to happen, but hopefully not on BA.

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British Airways recruited Michelle Mone OBE to launch what it describes as its biggest ever summer schedule starting this weekend, launching new routes and offering more seats than ever before to summer holiday destinations across the world.

Michell Mone modelled pieces from Ultimo’s 2014 swimwear collection.

Michelle Mone in a BA British Flag swimsuit

Very patriotic

Very nice obviously, but perhaps a little chilly on a long flight methinks..


British Airways and Finnair which are two of Europe’s leading long-haul carrier have revealed that next week they will commence on a capacity sharing joint venture with Japan Airlines, by share capacity on flights between Europe and Japan, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The joint venture which relates to scheduling and pricing is a reaction to competition on long-distance routes between Europe and Asia which has intensified in recent years, largely through the rapid expansion of new Middle Eastern and Asian carriers.

Reportedly Finnair, the smallest of the pact’s airlines, has been looking to better exploit the geographic advantage of having a home base near the North Pole that allows shorter flight times for travel between northern Europe and Asia compared with East-West routes.

The WSJ reports passengers will now be able to mix and match flights on the carriers and book and check in online using any of the airlines’ websites for travel to and from Japan on any of the three carriers.

British Airways and Japan Air, which like Finnair are members of the Oneworld airline alliance, had previously cooperated on flights between Europe and Japan.

A 19 year old student, who is fighting deportation has had a last minute reprieve. The Telegraph reports that MP David Burrows had made representations to the Home Office to delay her deportation, and that this is the apparent reason for BA’s decision not to allow her to board.

Yashika Bageerathi, from Mauritius was at Gatwick Airport awaiting boarding, and deportation, when she was returned to the detention centre.

Apparently, the Home Office and BA have refused to say why Yashika Bageerathi’s planned removal was postponed yesterday but it came amid a high profile campaign to stop it.

International Airlines Group which owns British Airways and Iberia slid lower after a Morgan Stanley update.

IAG Logo

IAG Logo

Morgan Stanley is, overall, fairly positive on the group with an overweight rating on the shares. But it removed IAG from its Europe Best Ideas list, preferring budget airlines in the short term.

Morgan Stanley expects low cost carriers such as Ryanair to outperform IAG in the near term.