Going to Brazil? BA guide to Portuguese football language

British Airways has, with football pundit Chris Kamara produced an amusing guide to Brazilian-Portuguese in time for the FIFA World Cup this summer.

Included are five essential football phrases for this summer are:

English: Offside!

Brazilian-Portuguese: Impedimento!
Phonetic: Eempeydeementoo

English: It’s like watching Brazil

Brazilian-Portuguese: É como se visse o Brasil jogar
Phonetic: Ayh coulmoo say veesay ooh Braseel jeougarr

English: Goooooaaaaallllllllllllllll!

Brazilian-Portuguese: Gooooooaaaaallllllllllllllll!

English: A cold beer please

Brazilian-Portuguese: Uma cerveja bem gelada, por favor
Phonetic: Oomah sirvayjah bain jayladah pour fahvour

English: Pie please

Brazilian-Portuguese: Torta, por favour
Phonetic: Tourtahs pour fahvour

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