World Airport Awards – Heathrow wins twice!

British Airways Terminal 5 named World's Best Airport Terminal

It was double success for Heathrow at the recent World Airport Awards, with British Airways’ Terminal 5 winning the award for the best individual airport terminal in the world and Heathrow overall winning the award for best airport shopping.

Heathrow Terminal 5

The annual awards are carried out by SKYTRAX and are based on the responses of over 12 million people from 108 different countries. Overall, Heathrow was voted the 10th best airport in the world and 4th best in Europe, with Singapore’s Changi Airport reclaiming the title as the world’s favourite airport. Details of all the awards can be found here.

The award for Terminal 5 in particular is a marked turnaround for both Heathrow & British Airways after the fiasco of its opening in 2008; problems with the automated luggage system meant that many people left without their bags or weren’t able to travel at all. There were even those who suggested that both British Airways and Heathrow would never really retrieve the situation. These awards prove what most people knew then and now, that the opening itself was an ill-prepared shambles, but that the terminal itself was, bar a few mistakes, a wonderful achievement, a great introduction to the country and a huge improvement on the cramped conditions British Airways passengers had endured at Terminal 4.

Together with its IAG partner, Iberia Airlines, British Airways is the sole tenant at Terminal 5. Since its opening in 2008, an additional satelite terminal, 5C, has been added, with talk of a further extension, 5D, being added in the future. With the recent news that British Airways flights to Bangkok, Singapore & Sydney are all being moved from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5, by the start of November it should be that all British Airways long-haul customers are able to enjoy the Terminal 5 experience.

Photo of a beautiful British Airways lounge

Terminal 5 Concorde Lounge

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