Internet to be available in European skies.

Available in the USA for years, Wifi has not been available on European flights. This has been frustrating for some (and no doubt a refuge for others).

But is appears for Europeans that the tenticles of the internet will soon reach everywhere with the help of satellite communications company Inmarsat, which has plans to create a Europe-wide network by the end of 2016.

Inmarsat has announced £450m plans to send a new satellite into the stratosphere capable of talking to partner networks’ cell towers on the ground.

BA is widely reported to be in advanced discussions with Inmarsat with a view to becoming a launch partner. The ground to air network infrastructure conceptualised by Inmarsat reflects the system used in the United States through IPS like GoGo, whose service has been available on commercial jets since 2008. The new satellite will form part of a network called Europasat which will ensure the connection stays reliable across the continent.

It is also reported that Inmarsat says it also plans to allow government agencies in the need for security situations or in response to disasters.

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