Legal action to follow British Airways emergency landing

Claim to be made against Airbus & International Aero Engines

Following the emergency landing of British Airways flight 762 at Heathrow in May, a number of passengers are now taking the matter to court.

The flight between London & Oslo had 75 passengers onboard and had to return to Heathrow after engine failure. An interim report from AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch) found that the cowels which cover the engines had not been securely fastened and had come off shortly after take-off.

Although the AAIB has not published its full report, all the evidence thus far points to faulty maintenance by a British Airways engineer as having been the root cause of the problem. This being the case, it is somewhat surprising to hear that the 9 litigants are preparing a legal case against Airbus, manufacturer of the affected aircraft, together with International Aero Engines whose engines were involved.

Law firm Stewarts Law LLP, who are representing the passengers, claim that there have been more than 30 similar cases and that the problem is therefore integral to the aircraft / engine.

There were no injuries resulting from the emergency landing so the claims being made are for psychological trauma.

british airways side of plane



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