Orlando Bloom

Orlando BloomThe actor has recently been in Cannes, poor lad, where his latest film, Zulu, closed the annual cinematic jamboree. “With it just having been shown it’s now a matter of working on when it will open around the world” he commented.

first class at sunset

Just like home only better..

Happy as he was to plug his latest film, this particular media appearance was more about the actor promoting British Airways and, in particular, both the new 777-300 being used on the route and new First class cabin of which Mr Bloom is clearly very familiar. “In my mind, there is no better First that British Airways’ First. I’ve made a long journey to be with you today, having just flown in from Cannes, and enjoying breakfast in the Concorde Lounge – a delicious breakfast, and even better for the fact that you don’t need to pay at the end.”

As previously reported, the only slight pickle for Orlando Bloom is that the true love of his life, Miranda Kerr, is brand ambassador for Qantas. Quite how the couple, together with baby son Flynn, decide which airline to fly with when travelling together has not yet been divulged. Is there a Hollywood version of ‘Paper-Scissors-Rock’?


British Airways champagne bar at Heathrow Terminal 5




What do Orlando Bloom, Bear Grylls, Amanda Kerr and Elle MacPherson have in common?

They have all signed up to represent airlines with interests Down Under and in the Land of the Great White Cloud and hobbits (New Zealand).

Orlando Bloom is the new face of British Airways, having recently signed up to promote the London to Sydney route. He is quoted as saying that he will enjoy the first class service on the way out to Australia. Apparently one of the factors which led to his being chosen was that Orlando regarded as being quintessentially English.

Orlando Bloom

He’s just gagging for a nice cup of tea

The move signals a new phase in the post Qantas-British Airways long-haul partnership (which will also see Australian bound and returning flights using Terminal 5 at Heathrow).

It is also interesting because Amanda Kerr, who is married to Orlando, signed up to promote Qantas in 2012 and continues as the ambassador for Qantas.

British Airways and Qantas enjoyed a long, long-haul partnership but have recently split and gone their separate ways, each pairing up with new partners.

So which other celebrities are linked to Airlines?

The Bear

The Bear








We can think of Bear Grylls who appears on Air New Zealand’s ever inventive inflight safety videos, leaping from peak to peak like the super human that he undoubtedly is.

The Kiwi airlines safety videos are worth seeing, being about as entertaining as a safety video can reasonably be expected to be (Here is the body painted one which the writer personally found hilarious, for some reason which currently escapes him, when on holiday in the land of the hobbit.).


Virgin Atlantic has the ever present bearded one as its figurehead but Elle MacPherson launched Virgin Blue’s uniforms in Australia in 2011.

Here is a photo of Elle, looking meditative, just so you know who we are talking about.










If you can think of any other interesting airline/celebrity signings let us know…