Will the bedroom be the next big thing in First Class?

With the rise of the super-super wealthy, long haul carriers are experiencing what appears to be an insatiable demand for more exclusive first-class offerings. And so, recently Etihad revealed its apartment concept including a shower and a luxury bedroom.

In the delightfully over the top video below Dannii Minogue explains the features of what Etihad calls “the Residence”. It looks very nice, but we would comment that Dannii although big in showbiz is rather petite in stature. Google gives Dannii a height of 157 cm – about five foot two. So the size and height of the offering possibly should be considered with this in mind.

Emirates is reportedly also considering developing a more exclusive first-class offering following the success of premium suites on its Airbus A380 aircraft.

Demand for the 14 suites on each of Emirates’ A380s outstripped growth in all other classes last year, encouraging it to consider further ways of further enhancing luxury, Chief Commercial Officer Thierry Antinori said today.

“We’re working toward the bedroom concept,” Antinori said aboard a newly delivered A380 at the Berlin Air Show. “First-class is becoming increasingly about privacy, and we want to increase privacy beyond what’s available today.”

Emirates, which take delivery of its 50th A380 next month, already has massive capacity for luxury suites, but is examining its options after the revelation of the Etihad first class apartments, and an individually-styled cabin branded “The Residence” with a double bed, separate living area and shower room.

The approach taken by Etihad and Emirates contrasts with that of Qatar Airways, which A380s will feature eight first-class seats which while the widest in the industry will resemble a roomier business-class model rather than a fully enclosed cabin or lounge.

The Doha-based carrier will also remove first-class seats altogether on some existing planes to make room for more popular business berths.

No doubt British Airways will be keeping a close eye on developments.

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