Woman takes off sitting on a toilet

The Daily Mail reports today that a woman on a British Airways flight from Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport to Gatwick was trapped in the toilet during take off.

The report is that the plane was delayed, and as a result, left in a hurry with some passengers still standing (and one in the toilet) as the plane pulled back from the stand.

The Mail states: – “An air stewardess, who was strapped in her seat, was shouting from the back of the plane,” the passenger continued. “A young woman, aged in her early 20s, was trying to come out of the toilet. The crew screamed at her to get back inside as it was extremely dangerous. They only allowed the young woman out and to return to her seat once the aircraft had reached cruising height.”

Woman trapped in toilet on BA flight

Help! I can’t find the seat belt!

The passenger said the entire flight was full so she couldn’t imagine how the crew didn’t realize the girl, who had an aisle seat, was missing. “The crew were sat right next to the plane toilet, but obviously in their rush to depart didn’t check it.”

When the girl finally left the bathroom, she apologized to the crew as she returned to her seat. A passenger claims that a flight attendant told the girl “That was extremely dangerous.”

Poor thing, it must have been very embarrassing.

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